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Your oral health is so much more than just a pretty smile (although that counts for a lot!)

Gum disease and bacterial overgrowth in the mouth have been linked to severe health issues, from heart disease to diabetes, and the loss of teeth so prevalent in older Americans is no joking matter. Not only is it extremely expensive to replace teeth, the loss in quality of life is grossly underestimated… until you lose your teeth.

Our oral probiotics work to build a strong and healthy foundation for your mouth, gums and teeth. Fight off decay, periodontal disease, bad breath and even build powerful immune support all while creating a healthy environment that encourages natural healing and restoration.

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What Our Users Have to Say

I’ve been taking mint flavored Oral Probiotics from Great Oral Health now for six weeks and I can tell you that they have solved my chronic bad breath. I’ve suffered from bad breath for years and have tried just about everything with limited success.

I had heard about the benefits of oral probiotics in solving bad breath and decided to give it a try. I followed the directions using one chewable tablet in the morning and one in the evening for 30 days, being careful not to use mouthwash and not eating immediately after taking the tablet. After taking two tablets for 30 days I now use one tablet daily.

I had immediate success but have been hesitant until now to write a review as I wanted to see if the results would last. It’s been six weeks now and my breathalyzer/wife tells me that there has been no hint of bad breath. The cost of oral probiotics isn’t cheap but in my case the elimination of bad breath and the return of confidence are well worth the price.

This product has helped my dental health. When I last visited the dentist I was told I should floss more in certain areas as they continued to bleed during cleaning.

I started taking these probiotics and that problem has totally cleared up. When I chew them at night (you have to chew them as the last thing you do so it will work in your mouth overnight) I have to remember to brush in the morning because my mouth feels like I have already brushed – FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!

Amazing. Most all the time my teeth feel like I’ve recently been to the dentist. And forget bad breath. Just not happening now. I’m not a person who likes to go to the dentist. I am hoping this keeps my visits painless and fewer!

What a GREAT Product!!!! I cannot say enough about these. When my husband started taking these, he had some pretty serious gum problems. He really takes care of his teeth too. He brushes and flosses 3 times a day. But his gums had some really deep pockets. He was at risk of losing teeth. He has been trying to handle this for years and it has cost us thousands of dollars.

He has gone to the dentist for checkups and cleanings twice since he started taking these. His gums are improving so much that his hygienist went on and on and on and on about how his gums and pockets were improving like she has never seen before. (Example–One pocket was a 10 when he started. Now it’s a 4!) All the pockets are doing this. The hygienist actually wanted to know what he was using because she wanted to look into it because she has never seen so much improvement in such a small amount of time.

Needless to say… I now take them too… just because it sure can’t hurt! My husband takes them religiously. Amazing product. Wow!


What Can Our Oral Probiotics Do

What Can Our Advanced Oral Probiotics Do for You?

Healthier Gums

Gum disease is largely caused by unhealthy bacterial growth, our oral probiotics recolonize with healthy bacteria to fight this bacterial overgrowth.

Stronger Teeth

Certain bacteria in your mouth produce powerful acids that eat away at and destroy your enamel. Our probiotics help restore a healthy pH balance and has ingredients that assist in the remineralization of your teeth.

Fresher Breath

That is right, hit bad breath at its source–foul sulfurous gases produced by bacterial colonies, mostly found in the back of the tongue. Our probiotics crowd out and even kill off these bacteria to rid your mouth of that foul smell.

Immune Support

Multiple studies have demonstrated the significant effect that a healthy probiotic balance can have upon the strength of your immune system. Beneficial bacteria play a CRITICAL role in helping your body stay healthy and fend off illness.

Fight Cavities

The primary cause of tooth decay lies with the powerful, corrosive acids produced by “bad” bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria, fed by sugars and such, produce acid that literally eats your teeth! Our probiotics not only help to balance the pH in your mouth but contain powerful elements to assist in the remineralization of your teeth.

Tackle Dry Mouth

Saliva is critical for the health of your mouth, your immune system, digestion and even in maintaining fresh breath. Our oral probiotic blend is designed with a synergistic mix of beneficial bacteria that helps to restore natural and healthy saliva flow in your mouth


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Our most popular flavor, fresh and minty. A super blend of oral probiotics, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!

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With all natural strawberry and vanilla flavors this is are real winner for many of our customers. Also a great probiotic blend, with SEVEN powerful strains of beneficial bacteria, along with potent minerals to aid in remineralizing your enamel. A full 60 tablets in each bottle makes for the best value in oral probiotics!

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Kids Probiotics

Give your kids and teenagers the probiotic boost they need to fight off gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay–while providing great protection against colds, sore throats & ear and sinus infections. In a great strawberry flavor that kids love and loaded with the probiotic strains BLIS K-12 and M18 that have proven clinical results for kids.

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