Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program!

We are currently offering this to a limited number of affiliates!

Here is a short description of our program.    >>    $4 Dollars for you per bottle sold!

1. One free bottle for you, our affiliate. You will receive a coupon code for a free bottle after you fill out the form below.
2. Amazon Coupon code specific to you, our affiliate, to track your customers orders. 30% off the $27.95 regular price.
3. Great Oral Health will provide images and email content.
4. You, our affiliate, then sends to his list/members emails and post on site and other social media sites.
5. Amazon code is applied by customer to purchase on
6. Great Oral Health track the sales by Amazon coupon code. A sale is defined as an Amazon shipped order.

7. We are offering $4 per bottle sold for all sales in 1st month!  Sold means Amazon shipped the items.

8. Great Oral Health sends you a monthly email and either a check is mailed or Paypal used to handle payment to Recipient.
9. We will be launching our formal affiliate marketing campaign shortly with other offers.



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