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Bad Breath? Gum Disease? Tooth Decay? Sore Throats? Sinus Infections?
Dr Paul O’Malley Holistic Dentist and Founder

Dr Paul O’Malley, a leading holistic dentist, had a mission to transform and elevate the level of oral health for EVERYONE. To do this he had to find a better way that could help millions. It had to be simple, something that people could do on their own and it had to not only be effective but it had to be natural and it had to actually PROMOTE HEALING.

Conventional approaches are to fix the problem. But the effective, wise and long-term approach is always to fix the problem that caused the problem! Find and fix the underlying cause and you will solve the problem.

Now of course there can be more than one underlying cause BUT to get results it is important to look for that kicker, that one big, key thing that will crack the problem and handle the big picture.

The answer was right there. It is a fact that almost all gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath and even many ear-nose-throat infections are caused by long-term overgrowth of specific bacterial strains creating harmful imbalances in your mouth.

The solution was a bit tougher. Corporate advertising has pushed the “kill it all off” strategy for decades in order to sell powerful antibiotic solutions that provide very temporary results and do little to establish healthy conditions and to promote actual healing.

Revolutionary Oral Health Products for YOU and Your FAMILY!

Our mission, from the very first spark, was to bring healthy, innovative and natural products to individuals across the world with the aim of changing the very face of oral health.