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Have enhanced protection against tooth decay, dental caries and cavities
Have fresher, cleaner breath and is a powerful weapon in the battle against chronic bad breath
Gain a strong and aggressive advantage over the development and growth of bacteria that cause gum disease
Gives you and your family a boost in your immune system and can help to prevent ear and throat infections
Oral probiotics have been shown to reduce oral yeast infections and can help you to control Oral Thrush
They can save money, time, pain and aggravation over time while providing fresh breath for others to enjoy!

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7 Strains–Patent Pending!

Guaranteed active probiotics for 18 Months

No refrigeration or freezer needed

Travels well in your purse or briefcase

Children love the flavors

Great testimonials flying in!

100% Natural, 100% Guaranteed

Low monthly price programs for individuals and families

Manufactured in USA by a leading firm

Dentist formulated

Great tasting and simple to use. Just take one tablet at night, before retiring, chew the tablet and let it sit in your mouth for about 20 seconds then swallow. That’s it, just a half minute a day for better oral health and fresher breath!

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