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Great Oral Health was founded upon a broad and lofty vision of revolutionizing the field of oral health. Concern over the suffering and high costs caused by gum disease, tooth decay and related oral health problems drove us to seek and develop solutions to these problems.

Our aim is to dramatically improve worldwide oral care by introducing truly effective, simple, natural, non-toxic and affordable products.

It will be through the introduction of these innovative and beneficial oral health care products that we will be able to accomplish our mission of really making a global impact in the rampant occurrence of gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and related health problems.

Dr Paul O'Malley, Great Oral Health, Founder, Oral Probiotics,

Our Founder–Dr Paul O’Malley

Dr O’Malley has been successfully practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. He graduated from the prestigious Creighton University School of Dentistry and opened his first practice in the Midland, Texas area.

He rapidly boomed his practice, growing to multiple locations and became the largest dental provider in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. He then joined forces with a National Dental Management Group. They took over the day-to-day running of the practices and continue to do so to this day.

At that point Dr. O’Malley made a transition to California, intent upon pursuing the latest in cosmetic dentistry as well as further work in the fields of minimally invasive dentistry and biological, holistic dentistry.

As the years continued he became more and more convinced of the need for more advanced oral health products. The vast majority of patients and full-mouth restoration cases he was treating all suffered from various stages of gum disease and tooth decay.

Dr O’Malley began researching and developing new approaches and products to tackle this “silent epidemic” and to bring a saner, more effective set of products to the field of oral health.

To date, two key products that have been developed. Both are patent-pending and both are based upon his work and studies in the fields of holistic and biological dentistry.

These two revolutionary products from Great Oral Healthâ„¢ are:

  • Advanced Oral Probiotics, a custom formulation and blend of targeted probiotics for the mouth. Designed for effectiveness and super ease of use, this product will be released in July of 2014
  • A revolutionary new form of toothpaste, still in the final stages of development and testing, slated for release in early 2015

While other products await on our horizon, we were extremely eager to release the Advanced Oral Probiotics as our first product. When we saw the results and testimonials that were coming in from our initial beta test users we were impressed beyond our expectations. (Follow this link to find out more about our Advanced Oral Probiotics product)

We feel quite confident that you too will share our excitement and we look forward to exceeding your expectations as well.Great Oral Health, logo, oral health products

Thanks for your time and here’s to GREAT ORAL HEALTH!

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