June 24, 2014 Great Oral Health

Great Oral Health Research

probiotic-bacteria-are-goodAs a Dentist, I never knew it would take me over 9 years and 1000’s of hours of research, to develop and create a truly stellar, effective probiotic for the mouth. Happily it was worth it!

Well, at long last my research and development targets were met, such as:

No refrigeration needed, stable shelf life, great tasting, user friendly for the entire family, 10 star manufacturing protocols, simple…..yet powerful results.

My goal was and still is to revolutionize the field of oral health with affordable products that really work.

Thankfully based on the rave reviews we are getting, our Super Advanced Oral Probiotics is accomplishing a key part of that goal by setting the stage for your mouth to build natural, strong oral health.  And this is only our first product with more on the horizon!

Paul O’Malley DDS, FIADFE

Revolutionary Oral Health Products for YOU and Your FAMILY!

Our mission, from the very first spark, was to bring healthy, innovative and natural products to individuals across the world with the aim of changing the very face of oral health.