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An Amazing Story of Saving a Child’s Teeth, from a Mother of 3

I was told about Great Oral Health probiotics by a dental professor, and one of the creators of the HEAL-OZONE.

My son was only 11 months old when i noticed a tiny hole developing in the front surface of one of his lateral incisors. I was horrified, as our daughters had had earlier and severe tooth problems. In fact, our second child had had to have her front four teeth restored under general anesthetic at only 12 months old. Now, here it was happening again to our 3rd child!

We had been very strict with his diet and quite religious with brushing twice-a-day with a Sonicare toothbrush from day one. In addition, he didn’t get sweet foods very often–as we were very aware of the potential for problems due to the earlier issues with our daughters.

We were the most strict people i knew with “teeth” routines, yet none of my friends have had this happen–yet we had now had it happening yet again with our 3rd child!

With the first two children, I was blamed for breast feeding them at night and told I must stop immediately or risk all of their teeth decaying. Luckily I knew, through good research, that this was not true, yet something was still out of whack.

Frankly, I couldn’t believe this was happening yet again!

Now I was being passed around a number of dentists from NHS (National Health Service) to Private Practitioners. They all said there was nothing they could do but to wait to pull his teeth. Or the option of going to a private dentist in London who was the only one I could find who could work on infants under GA (General Anesthetic) and have his teeth restored… at a cost of around £4200, which financially out of the question for us.

Stuart Testimonial Before Image2I was beside myself, as by now 6 months had passed and the one tiny pit in one of his front teeth had grown into crescent shapes eating out of the bottom of all 4 front teeth. It happened very quickly and showed no signs of ceasing despite trying everything possible.

Fortunately, from using the “very young kids teeth” Yahoo forum, I found a great dentist, Dr Keith Hollander who put me onto Dr Edward Lynch. Kind Dr Lynch offered to try “HealOzone” on my son’s teeth, bringing help after no one else could help us. Dr Lynch also put me in touch with Dr. Paul O’Malley, after he had told me about the Oral Probiotic product that Dr. O’Malley had developed.

Now, I know a bit about the effect of probiotics on the gut and the difference adding good bacteria makes to health, but I had never heard about one that could help with oral problems. One that could help to reverse the overgrowth of terrible bacteria my son and daughters were experiencing for some reason.

Stuart Testimonial Image After2Great news! My son has now been taking the Great Oral Health probiotics for about 4 months, along with two “HealOzone treatments,” AND THE DECAY PROCESS HAS HALTED!!!!

Nothing had stopped or helped reverse the process before, despite being very strict with items he ate and so forth. But the combination of two “HealOzone” treatments and the Great Oral Health probiotics has made all the difference! The decay has halted and the teeth are remineralizing and hardening!

As a result of these products we have been able to avoid the loss of my son’s teeth and of subjecting an infant to GA. I am so grateful for the two gifted men who took the time to make such a difference for us!

His teeth had been crumbling very quickly and were just being scooped out by the nasty bacteria. Yet you can see from the two pictures I have provided, with 8 weeks between, that the decay has gone no further. And today, we are now a further 2 months on and his teeth have remained stable.

I would definitely recommend using the Great Oral Health probiotics, as prevention is always better than a cure. My only regret is that we did not discover the Great Oral Health probiotics and “HealOzone” treatment earlier before his decay ruined the look of his teeth. It would have been great to catch it before it went from one tiny hole to signs of decay in all 4 front teeth within 6 weeks… and it just got worse from there.

For some reason, my children seem to be susceptible to ECC (early childhood caries) despite our best efforts. For number four we will be using the Great Oral Health probiotics from the very first tooth erupting–and get the ozone done as a preventative. And so we hope to avoid a repeat!

Thank you so much for your wonderful product and all the research that has gone into it!”

Katrina Stuart
Katrina Stuart
I have very bad gum disease.

I’ve had to have oral surgery once, major gum surgery and tried other solutions. The problem never goes away and has actually been getting worse.

Then Dr. O’Malley of Great Oral Health gave me their new product, “Advanced Oral Probiotics,” to try for this problem. I used them for 2 weeks and I noticed a huge difference right away!

My gums were constantly bleeding after I brushed my teeth daily. Within 3 days of taking the chew-able tablets my gums stopped bleeding and started to heal. My gums are positively stronger now! They started healing at the gum level and I could easily see in the mirror that they were healing after just a few days and continue to improve as I used them for the next few weeks.

I am very impressed. I try to take care of my teeth but frankly I’ve not done a great job of taking care of this issue with my gums. Whatever I’ve done, flossing, oral picks, improved hygiene, regular brushing etc… I saw no results. This is the first product that was able to handle my situation and deliver an incredible improvement.

Thank you and your team for your care and thoughtfulness in creating such an amazing product.

My 10-year-old daughter has been using Great Oral Health Probiotics for a couple of months now. She loves the taste and asks for her “pill” every night.

She’s even been telling her friends about it. The best news is for a cavity-prone kid she had no cavities at her last dentist appointment.

Adding these probiotics to my daughter’s regimen is such an effortless and effective way to fight tooth decay!!

This product is tops in my book!!!

Paula Klein
Paula Klein
I am happy to finally be getting this to you, here is my story…

I have been using the Great Oral Health probiotics for 2 weeks now. Within the first week I started noticing a difference. My teeth and mouth feel cleaner when I wake up in the morning. My breath is significantly fresher too.

I also noticed my teeth getting whiter/brighter. In fact, a friend of mine recently asked me if I was bleaching me teeth. I just love how clean and fresh my teeth feel now. I love this product and love that it is helping my overall oral health!


Carol Johanns, Satisfied User
Carol Johanns

I have been using the Great Oral Health “Advanced Oral Probiotics” for 3 weeks now.

My mouth feels cleaner and fresher. I wake up in the morning with a fresher taste in my mouth.

Plus, my teeth feel clean for the rest of the day.

I would definitely recommend this to my patients for long-term care.

Thanks for a great product,

Jim Hartzel, Satisfied User
Jim Hartzel

I have been using the Great Oral Health Advanced Probiotics for the last 3 months.

I have low saliva production so keeping my mouth fresh has been a challenge. Great Oral Health Advanced Probiotics has solved this problem for me! I wake up with fresh breath and my mouth feels cleaner and fresher than it has in years.
No more thick ropey saliva. I now am not constantly worried about tooth decay. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with this issue.

Thanks for such a great product!

Mary Donnell, Satisfied User
Mary Donnell

Due to my condition I have decreased saliva flow which doesn’t allow my teeth surfaces to re-mineralize.

This results  in hypersensitivity to cold temperature drinks.  Since I started using the chewable Advanced Oral Probiotics by Dr O’Malley’s I have no sensitivity whatsoever!

Jamey Greco, Satisfied User
Jamey Greco

It has been a week since I started taking the Great Oral Health Probiotics tablets and I wanted to thank you.

I’ve noticed a difference from the very first day. I never thought I’d be talking about “morning mouth” but now I love how clean my mouth feels when I wake up in the morning!

The tablets taste better than I expected too, which was another nice surprise.

Thanks again!

Mary Goeden, Satisfied User
Mary Goeden


This is an awesome product.

Within the first 30 days of using these probiotics my breath became fresher and my teeth had become whiter.

I use the product every night and sometimes I will use the product during the day after breakfast or lunch.

The fact that this product is 100% all natural and is able to do all this is truly amazing.

Thanks you

Bill M., Satisfied User
Bill M.


I used the chewable Probiotic tablets made by Great Oral Health and Dr Paul O’Malley for two weeks on a trial basis.
During this time I had a very healthy and clean mouth, like one would expect after having eaten wholesome and fresh food!

In addition to this – and as the greatest bonus – I lost my craving for sweets during this time. I love dark chocolate and will indulge more than is good for me.  However, while taking the Oral Health Probiotic I felt no need for chocolate or other sweets.

Pretty cool, eh?

I can’t wait for the product to be officially released!

Thank you, Dr. O’Malley for your research into oral health.

Best regards, Ingrid Keller

Ingrid Keller, Satisfied User
Ingrid Keller
I was lucky enough to get on the early trial and WOW was I amazed!

I am not the best at taking care of my dental needs and was not happy with my bad breath and dirty mouth in the morning. So when I heard what this product could do of course I said YES! I used them for only 1 week and noticed a HUGE change in my mouth and my breath. My wife really noticed it too!

After the 1 month trial ran out I really saw how my situation return! I cant wait for them to become available on Amazon!! I like them so much I offered to help get the product in the hands (mouths) of the many others and am now working hard to make this great product a reality and am working with Dr. Paul to get this into the mainstream market.

Thanks for the technology and the opportunity to help others.

Rodger Sayles, Satisfied User
Rodger Sayles
Wow! Since I started using Great Oral Health toothpaste and taking the probiotics at night I’ve noticed a change.

I used to have to get up immediately upon waking because I had a horrible taste in my mouth and a nauseous feeling if I didn’t brush my teeth right away. Since I started using the products that nausea has gone away and I don’t have to jump up immediately when I wake up.

Now I can enjoy the quiet morning for a moment before all the action starts.


Bonnie Dickinson, Satisfied User
Bonnie Dickinson
I love this product! The oral probiotic is amazing.

I brush my teeth in the evening and take 2 of the probiotics. It leaves a good clean taste in my mouth–just like you have just been to the dentist for a cleaning. It leaves that just brushed feeling.

I also just started using Great Oral Health toothpaste, Wow what a great product! Nothing like it out there. I can see that the combination of these two products will give me a great oral health plan. I am very happy with the product and know that this combination will revolutionize oral health in my opinion based on my recent experience. Thank you!

Colleen Weinstein

Colleen Weinstein, Satisfied User
Colleen Weinstein
I just wanted to thank you for putting me on to Oral Health Probiotic tablets.

I take one at bedtime and one prior to leaving for work in the morning.

My mouth isn’t as dry at night and my breath is fresh in the morning when I wake up.

Thanks again

Driskoll Tubbs, Satisfied User
Driskoll Tubbs
I must admit I starting taking these not knowing what to expect and boy was I surprised.

First thing is that after about 14 days I woke up one morning and was surprised how fresh and clean my mouth felt, no morning wake up gunk at all.

Then I began to notice my gums and teeth felt tighter. I thought that this was just my imagination, until I went for a dental exam and not only were the gum “pockets” less than they have been for years I also did not have any bleeding in my gums during the exam, the first in a while.

Thanks and I plan to keep on using these probiotics…

Thomas Gregory, Satisfied User
Thomas Gregory

Dr. Paul,
Just want to let you know that I have experienced a rejuvenation with this product.

When I use it my usual ear drainage problem has gone away.

I didn’t realize it until I read the site. WOW!

Thanks for the trial!

LaVonna Bledoe, Satisfied User
LaVonna Bledoe


I have had a lot of dental work done, so I’ve always had a lot of attention on my mouth and teeth.

Also, due to the build-up on my teeth I could always tell when another teeth cleaning was due… After taking the Great Oral Health Advanced Oral Probiotics for only a few days, I immediately noticed a difference.

My mouth is so clean that I have to remind myself to brush my teeth, as I would otherwise forget. There is no more build-up or lingering taste at all anymore. My mouth is just fresh and clean, no matter what I eat!

I also wanted to thank Dr. O’Malley for his phenomenal dental skills.

With his care and expertise I was able to keep teeth I would have otherwise lost and going to the dentist is no longer uncomfortable. I have never experienced this with a dentist before – and believe me, I have seen many.


Thank you so very much!

Much Love,
Iris Ohnhauser of Los Angeles CA

Iris Ohnhauser, Satisfied User
Iris Ohnhauser


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