Great Oral Health Advanced Oral Probiotics FAQs

Oral Probiotics Usage: Common Questions and Helpful Information
Are probiotics safe?
How should I take the oral probiotics?
I am already taking probiotic supplements and/or foods, why should I also take oral probiotics?
Are there studies or tests done that support the benefits of using oral probiotics?
Can oral probiotics freshen my breath? How does that work?
Can oral probiotics whiten my teeth?
Can oral probiotics help to control dental plaque?
Do oral probiotics help to prevent tooth decay and cavities?
Do oral probiotics improve overall gum health?
How long should I take oral probiotics?
What makes the Great Oral Health probiotics different? Why are there 7 types of probiotics in the blend?
What is the shelf life of the product and how should it be stored?
Is the product safe to use during pregnancy or breast-feeding?
Are there any medical conditions that would advise against the use of oral probiotics?
Do oral probiotics help control throat/nose/ear infections?
Do probiotics help with Oral Candida type yeast infections?
Is the product gluten-free? Any animal byproducts? Vegan safe?
Any presence of corn? Any GMO type products?
Does it contain, or manufactured in a facility that processes any type of dairy/milk, soy, nuts, yeast, wheat, or eggs?
What type of plastic is the bottle made of? Is it recyclable?

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