February 5, 2016 Great Oral Health

Probiotics 101, is a great gut possible?

Building a Healthy Gut with Probiotics

Probiotics, word cloud, healthy living, eating wellMore and more news about probiotics is generated daily, in fact around the globe probiotic supplements are at the top of the field for some years now.

While these supplements for your gut are certainly beneficial there is a lot you can do for your intestine outside of taking a supplement.

The basic fact is that you are aiming to build up your microbiome.

What is the microbiome, you might ask? Simple answer is the complex bacterial environment where these little microorganisms gather, live and interact… a true example of the whole being more than the sum of the parts.

In your intestines you have such a microbiome and it is a CRITICAL player in the game of staying alive and being healthy. It plays a big role in just about every key function, from emotional health to digestive/nutritional processes to immunity and more. When it is functioning well, in a balanced and active state, then your chances of good health, high energy and even good mood are greatly enhanced.

When it is in a poor shape then all sorts of problems ensue and the stage is set for all kinds of health issues.

So, keeping it in good shape is important!

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