Shandor Szaniszlo

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I owned and managed a high quality dental laboratory for 25 years. I was doing cosmetic restorations
for 185 dentists all over the USA. Dr O’Malley was one of my clients and I could honestly say he was one
of the top 5 best ones. His restorations were consistently excellent, always demanded the best
materials for his holistic approach in treating his patients.Perfect fit and natural looking crowns
were and still are his standard.

As for his new ‘Great Oral Health Chewable Probiotic’ , this product is simply working. I always suffered of bleeding
gums. Since nothing helped this condition I just accepted that was the way it was. Using this probiotic
my bleeding gums as I brushed is almost gone; I can hardly see it now.
So, thank you Dr. O’Malley for being such caring professional.
Shandor Szaniszlo

Shandor Szaniszlo August 17, 2014

Dr Jim Hartzel

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I have been using the Great Oral Health “Advanced Oral Probiotics” for 3 weeks now.

My mouth feels cleaner and fresher. I wake up in the morning with a fresher taste in my mouth.

Plus, my teeth feel clean for the rest of the day.

I would definitely recommend this to my patients for long-term care.

Thanks for a great product,

Jim Hartzel

Dr Jim Hartzel DDS CDT July 4, 2014

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