July 21, 2014 Great Oral Health

Ingrid Keller

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I used the chewable Probiotic tablets made by Great Oral Health and Dr Paul O’Malley for two weeks on a trial basis.
During this time I had a very healthy and clean mouth, like one would expect after having eaten wholesome and fresh food!

In addition to this – and as the greatest bonus – I lost my craving for sweets during this time. I love dark chocolate and will indulge more than is good for me.
However, while taking the Oral Health Probiotic I felt no need for chocolate or other sweets.
Pretty cool, eh?

I can’t wait for the product to be officially released!

Thank you, Dr. O’Malley for your research into oral health.

Best regards, Ingrid Keller

Ingrid Keller - Consumer Los Angeles CA July 21, 2014

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