June 26, 2014 Great Oral Health

John Lundeen Testimonial

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I have very bad gum disease. I’ve had to have oral surgery once, major gum surgery and tried my other handlings. The problem never goes away and has actually been getting worse.
Then Dr. O’Malley of Great Oral Health gave me there new product, Advanced Oral Probiotics, to try for this problem. I used them for 2 weeks and I noticed a huge difference right away!
My gums were constantly bleeding after I brushed my teeth daily. Within 3 days of taking the chew-able tablets my gums stopped bleeding and started to heal. My gums are positively stronger now! They started healing at the gum level and I could easily see in the mirror that they were healing after just a few days and continue to improve as I used them for the next few weeks.
I am very impressed. I try to take care of my teeth but frankly I ‘ve not done a great job of handling this issue with my gums, whatever I ‘ve done, flossing, oral picks, improved hygiene, regular brushing etc, etc I saw no results. This is the first product that was able to handle my situation and deliver an incredible improvement.
Thank you and your team for your care and thoughtfulness in creating such an amazing product.


June 26, 2014

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