April 9, 2014 Great Oral Health

Wake Up with a Fresh and Clean Feeling

Our Oral Probiotics Hit BAD BREATH at Its Source-Bacterial Overgrowth

Practically one-for-one the feedback and testimonials from our happy users all share that fact that their mouths feel fresher and cleaner when they wake up. That slimy and stale morning feeling went away, leaving a cleaner, fresher and brighter start to the day.

Our oral probiotics are designed to work their way into the bacterial colonies that generate that rotten-egg, sulfur smell. As our beneficial bacteria colonizes it both crowds out and kills off the “bad” bacteria, helping you to experience fresher, healthier breath.

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Our mission, from the very first spark, was to bring healthy, innovative and natural products to individuals across the world with the aim of changing the very face of oral health.