Natural Probiotic Rich Foods

What Foods Should You Eat for Probiotic Benefits?

healthy couple, healthy diet, lifestyle, wellnessHow about probiotic foods?

This is probably the simplest of these posts.

Probiotics were “discovered” by a researcher in Russia who was puzzled why certain groups of people had such good health. He determined that it was due to the intake of fermented foods, such as yogurt, and began isolating the beneficial bacteria that were responsible.

These foods have been around forever and vary from culture to culture but generally have one thing in common–they are fermented.

This covers yogurts and kefirs, pickles and sauerkraut, the Korean kimchi and fermented tea known as kombucha.

There are such a variety of these foods and so a bit of internet search will help you discover what works and what doesn’t.

However, some cautions, try to avoid fermented products that have been overly cooked, have preservatives or are loaded with sugar. Try to go natural or organic if at all possible and when it comes to yogurts and kefirs there is more benefit to keeping AWAY from the non-fat versions. These are often loaded with sugars, additives, thickeners that interfere with the healthy benefits, and the natural fat can assist in the better assimilation of the beneficial bacteria.

Well, there you have it, Probiotics 101!

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Getting Rolling on Building a Healthy Gut

Now a Word about the Next Step in Building a Healthy Gut

healthy lifestyle, healthy girl, smiling girl, probiotics, dietThe dreaded “D” word, DIET… yes, we know the first three letters spell DIE but seriously!

This is not an all encompassing diet post but there are some very simple and very easy steps to help build a healthy canvas for your microbiome to flourish. Doing these steps will help the supplements that you take, and the probiotic rich foods that you eat, have a real boost in establishing that healthy microbiome you need for a healthy life.

First, unless medically required (IMPORTANT), do try to cut back on antibiotic and germicide products… including mouthwashes, cleansers and such. If you don’t really and truly need them then they are doing you more harm than good.

Next, probiotics in your gut LOVE fiber. You can Google “prebiotics” for more information, but there are great fiber foods (asparagus, garlic, leeks, bananas to name a few) that provide fiber that probiotics THRIVE on. You should add these to your diet and perhaps even consider a prebiotic supplement.

Finally, try to limit sugars, simple carbohydrates and difficult food additive that one cannot even pronounce. Fruit juices, sugary yogurts and cereals, white bread… you know the culprits. If you can’t eliminate them, try your best to make them treats and not daily buddies.

The last step will help establish a more balanced environment for the probiotics to flourish… plus you might even be pleased when you step on the scale!

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