How to Purchase Great Oral Health Products
For International Buyers

Our shipping center currently only fulfills orders to the United States.

For UK Customers, we currently have our advanced oral probiotics available on Amazon UK (MINT FLAVOR ONLY). 

Currently, in Canada, our products are only available from Vitacost. They ship reliably to Canada, here are links to two of our most popular products:

Our products are available to buyers in many other countries around the world by using eBay to sell and ship our products.

It is quite simple. Just go to eBay (links below) and purchase one (or more) of our products. We cover the shipping cost to eBay's International Shipping Center. Then, eBay will charge for the appropriate shipping cost, plus any VAT or customs fees that your country or zone may charge.

NOTE: Some countries (listed below) do not permit the import of supplements such as our oral probiotics and so eBay will not ship that product to that country.

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Coming Soon to eBay


Coming Soon to eBay

Countries that eBay is unable to ship supplements (probiotics) to: Norway, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Jersey, Russian Federation, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Mexico, Monserrat, Peru