OraRestore Pro Mineralizer Toothpaste–Build Stronger Teeth and Lower Sensitivity

The ingredients in our toothpaste are clinically proven to seriously reduce the pain of sensitivity by fortifying and hardening the surface of your teeth through an advanced process of mineralization.

What is in the secret sauce? A super high level of bioavailable nano-hydroxyapatite.

What exactly is hydroxyapatite? First, it is a natural form of calcium (made up of calcium, phosphorous and oxygen). And secondly, most of the human bone structure and tooth enamel is made up of hydroxyapatite. As a bonus, it is pure white in color and so can help whiten your teeth naturally as it binds to the enamel.

Why bioavailable? Because your body needs minerals in a form that are available to life–just using raw minerals wouldn’t do much good as these would not bind well, if at all, to your tooth’s surface. Getting hydroxyapatite to bind to the enamel and fill up all those holes does a phenomenal job of building stronger, whiter teeth and knocking sensitivity levels way down.

The solution took some work but thanks to the discovery of a patented nano-technology we were able to create a highly effective delivery system.

Our toothpaste is absolutely LOADED with NANOXIM PLUS OMYADENT (highly advanced nano-technology that work to mineralize your teeth for strength and desensitization within weeks)

And of course, just as important as what is in it, is what isn’t! Our toothpaste is completely free of fluoride, SLS, sulfates and is of course GMO FREE!

We have added high levels of xylitol (for its proven anti-cavity properties) and aloe vera (for natural healing and calming power). We use sea salt as it is effective in tightening the gums and will actually “pop” the cell membranes of harmful bacteria cells. There is sodium bicarbonate for cleansing and bacterial control, plus loads of other healthy ingredients like zinc, tea tree oil, herbal and fruit extracts… all to help promote and support the healthiest mouth possible!

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